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Young people come away from the farm with increased confidence, resilience and communication skills. This is evidenced by the survery responses, testimonials and comments from pupils, their parents and carers as well as their schools.

We are proud to have been rated "Excellent" by every parent who responded to our end-of-course survey in all categories, including "Quality and range of activities", "Safety", "Enjoyment" and "Snacks and Lunch"



"He has thoroughly enjoyed his time on the farm. It was the only thing he seemed to be enthusiatic about, and he would actually get up and ready with little prompting. His mood has definitely improved and he is going to start a college course in animal care from September. He has also learnt some cooking skillls! So we have had a never ending supply of scotch pancakes. Rod, Polly and family could not have been more welcoming. It's been a privilege to spend some time with them" - From the mother of a 16 year old boy, suffering from depression, who took part in a 12 week course at the farm.


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"It helped me concentrate more and I started to get better at school" - From a 14 year old boy who participated in a 12 week course.

"We both really enjoyed our time at the farm and you were absolutely brilliant at adjusting the activities to individual needs which really helped get the most out of every visit" - From the parent of a participant

"From a school's perspective, D has enjoyed the farm and is enthusiastic about it at school. He often discussess what he does with staff and peers. He enjoys sharing photos and will happuily answer questions about the farm. His confidence has grown this year and I believe the farm has helped to deveop this through thr range of activities he carrries out and interacting with people outside of school" - From the teacher of a pupil with ASD who joined a 12 week programme at the farm.

"The Farm Course has really helped R to focus more at home and school. Polly and Rod have had a great effect on R" - From a parent of a 14 year old who previously had poor concentration and behaviour difficulties at school.

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