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This page should help answer any questions you may have but if not please feel free to contact us.

​How do I order your delicious beef or lamb?
Simply e-mail or call Polly​.

Do you deliver?​
We deliver to a few long standing  customers who are very local, but if you live further away you can collect from the farm when we hold our  small Pop-Up shop,  which is  generally in the afternoon of the first Friday of the month. If you can't make it then we can make a  separate   arrangement. We do also take our meat to Penshurst Farmers’ Market, which is on the first Saturday of the month

​Can I decide what is in my beef or lamb pack?​
E-mail or speak to Polly. Given enough notice we can arrange specific butchery, subject to availibility.​

​Is Hoopers Farm meat organic?​
We are not members of any organic certification body. However, we do not use any inorganic fertiliser or pesticides and  farm using regenerative practices. We believe that this produces the best tasting meat and the best welfare conditions for our animals.​

When is your beef/lamb available?
Rather than hurrying the animals to maturity, we prefer them to develop naturally. This means that beef and lamb are only available when they're ready (although we might have some in the freezer!). Contact Polly to find the next delivery date.

How do I pay for my order?
Payment is by cash, cheque or bank transfer, or if you are in person, we have a card machine.

What is the difference between lamb and hogget?
Hogget is lamb that is a year old so our lambs are called hogget from April in the year after they are born. We love hogget-it has more flavour and a firmer texture. 

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