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Here are a few favourite recipes from Hoopers Farm. You can use them as inspiration in the kitchen for many of our cuts of beef and lamb. If you have found a great recipe please share it with us!

Hoopers Recommended Roasting Times

To make the most of your roasting joints, here are the times we suggest for getting the best flavour from Hoopers Farm beef & lamb


Braised Beef Chinese Style

This easy, one-pot recipe is quick to prepare and delicious. Polly finds it goes down very well at dinner parties. The beef becomes fall-apart tender and the spices give it a great flavour.


A family favourite at Hoopers Farm, which can be prepared in advance and re-heated on the day. Great for entertaining as well as quiet family suppers. Polly found this in a recipe book from the ‘80s, but it still tastes great today.


Oriental Beef with crunchy salad

Skirt is a wonderful cut of meat, often overlooked. This recipe is delicious and brings together some great flavours


Beef Wellington

Texas BBQ Brisket

A classic recipe which is great fun to make, and looks amazing in the middle of the table. This recipe is inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s version – we tend to swear less than him while cooking it! This recipe is for medium rare, add 5 minutes to each cooking point for medium.


A great recipe Polly found which really spices up any BBQ. The sauce is also delicious, so make double and keep it. In winter just leave out the BBQ stage for a delicious slow-cooked joint.


Lamb Casserole

Inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe, this easy recipe is warming and can be made in advance and re-heated. This recipe is great for using up things from the fridge, so feel free to substitute ingredients where you see fit. 

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