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Hoopers Farm Beef
Our beef, from the traditionally local breed of Sussex cattle, is produced slowly from cattle that only eat forage, grazing permanent pastures. Sussex cattle are known for their marbled meat and outstanding flavour. All the beef is hung for at least three weeks to tenderize it and mature the flavour further.

Our beef packs are extremely popular. Aside from being delicious they are very good value because the entire carcass is sold, with customers getting a variety of cuts to stock their freezers.   Having said that we are happy to try and accommodate one –off requirements for specific cuts if we can. We can also butcher your pack to your specification if given enough notice. For information about cuts of beef take a look at the butchery diagram below. 

Our beef is slowly produced and only available when it is ready! Get in touch and we will let you know when.

Hoopers Farm Lamb
The lambs from our two breeds of sheep (rare breed Dorset Downs and Mules) mature at different rates. Consequently we can supply fresh lamb for most of the year and hogget when the "lambs" are over a year old. The lamb we produce is matured for at least a week to enhance the flavour and tenderness.

Most of our lamb is sold in whole lamb or half lamb packs-these offer the best value for our customers.  We can organise your specific butchery requirements for your lamb, if given notice. We are also happy to try and supply one-off orders of roasting joints, chops etc. For information about cuts of lamb take a look at the butchery diagram below.

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