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Hoopers Farm Beef

Our beef, from the traditionally local breed of Sussex cattle, is produced slowly from cattle that only eat forage, grazing permanent pastures. Sussex cattle are known for their marbled meat and outstanding flavour. All our beef is hung for at least three weeks to tenderize it and mature the flavour further.


We sell a range of cuts and can accommodate special requirements if given enough notice. Our beef packs are extremely popular. Aside from being delicious they are very good value because the entire carcass is sold, with customers getting a variety of cuts to stock their freezers.

Hoopers Farm Lamb and Hogget.
We  supply fresh lamb for most of the year and hogget when the "lambs" are over a year old. Our lamb is produced entirely from grass, giving it the nutritional benefits associated with this, it is matured for at least a week to enhance the flavour and tenderness.

Again we sell the traditional cuts of lamb such as leg, or our favourite which is roast, or better still barbequed,  shoulder along with chops, chumps, neck fillets, rack/cutlets and mince. Our whole/half packs frequently sell out. 


We are a small farm and so our availability can vary - our meat is ready when it's ready! This also means that we only have a limited amount of beef, lamb and pork, so get in touch with Polly to order.

When available our beef, lamb and pork can be collected from the farm, generally in the afternoon of the first Friday of the month or by arrangement. We do also take our meat to Penshurst Farmers’ Market, which is on the first Saturday of the month.

Next availability:-

Beef: 3rd November 2023 Bonfire Night Pop-Up Shop

Lamb: 3rd November 2023 Bonfire Night Pop-Up Shop

Pork: 1st December 2023

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